Your food, body & self-love vision intro

Welcome to module 3 – Your vision

Ok Queen 👑 you have already done a lot of groundwork and I am celebrating and honouring you for that. 🙏🏼 This stuff isn’t easy but it is essential that you did that work first in order to be able to fully move forward with this.

You are making a lasting lifelong change here so that means you can’t jump straight to the behaviour changing part – you need to go deeper and start with your identity and beliefs, release work, a vision of where you want to be and then you can embody the behaviour part. AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD!

Trust me and the process – honour the order and give it your all in each part. We are moving onto your vision now – I LOVE this part! And then we can explore the “HOW”.

I respect your patience and the inner work that you’re doing Queen 👑