Module 1 – Your Story

Welcome to module 1 – Your Story

Now that you have been reminded that dieting doesn’t work and low self-confidence and poor body image is what drives the cycle, to begin with, it’s important to dive into your personal story.

If you’re anything like I used to be, I assume that you may want to jump straight into the “HOW” to become free…?! But trust me when I say that you first need to recognize and acknowledge where you’re at now and how you personally got here. (Remember there is a reason why this program is in this particular order… trust the process and the order.)

We cannot change our behaviours longterm if we haven’t become aware of and then released what is blocking us from doing so. Only then can you create a compelling vision for yourself to step into! AND THEN you can start taking the ACTION and embodying the version of you that is FREE from food and body prison and bursting with self-love. 💖

Ok, let’s get this freedom party started… 🎉