Step 1: Your food & body blueprint

Your Food & Body Queen journey begins with knowing your personal food & body blueprint!

This work is the most important in the whole program. If you desire to create true acceptance and freedom in your life, it starts here with your unique story and awareness of your food and body beliefs and patterns.

There are a few key areas we want to look at when understanding your food and body blueprint so you can re-code yourself for freedom:

1 – Your personal food and body beliefs and habits / patterns

2 – Negative food and body teachers in your life (parents, friends, society, the media etc)

3 – Specific food and body and self worth memories and experiences – from childhood and adult years

4 – Why you actually don’t want to be living in food and body freedom – a.k.a “all the shit that might happen once I’m free!”

Let’s dive in:

1 – Audio

Your food and body freedom blueprint

2 – Downloads

Download the accompanying PDF that includes all the journal questions and use them to discover your unique food and body blueprint. Give yourself at least 45 minutes of distraction-free time to do this exercise.