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For those of you trying out the “taste test”

If you haven’t taken the step (yet) and invested in yourself to join Food & Body Freedom Queendom and you’re currently taking advantage of the taste test by accessing the first 2 modules of this program for free, then I deeply encourage you to join my free support group Food Freedom & Self-Love.

Please join here.

The Food Freedom & Self-Love Support Group is a 24/7 supportive space that you can access whenever you need support, guidance or someone to celebrate your wins with! I will be going live every week to answer all of your questions and provide you with supportive content.

If you want to join the group coaching and online program- Food & Body Freedom Queendom but you don’t quite believe in yourself enough to think that it can “work” for you… I have something for you…

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with Food & Body Freedom Queendom. If after 30 days, you don’t think you’re receiving enough value then I will give you your money back. For the Tcs & Cs click here.

Also, have a read of these testimonials, many of my past clients didn’t think it would work for them either… 😉 I also felt the same way when I started my journey.

For those who are already IN VIP Food & Body Freedom Queendom 🎉…

Good for you! A huge part of your journey in Food & Body Freedom Queendom is our incredible + high vibrational Private Slack community!

I would have invited you into this private group personally when you signed up for this program but just in case…

Join here now

Now that you’ve joined Food & Body Freedom Queendom, you get lifetime access to the program and the community. Think of it as the ultimate “Queendom” for women healing their food and body story, rising into the truest expression of themselves and creating wildly free and liberating lives.

The Slack community is a 24/7 supportive space that you can access whenever you need support, guidance or to celebrate a food and body freedom Queen win!

EVERY MONTH – FOR LIFE – I will be inviting you to a coaching call on Zoom where I am there to coach you personally through any blocks or struggles you may be having so that there’s no doubt about it – you’ll be living in food and body freedom for good!

If you can’t make either one of the lives, they are all recorded and saved for you. There is also a special place for you to ask your questions so that I can answer them during the call, even if you’re not able to attend.


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