Intuitive Eating intro

Welcome to Module 4 – My introductory overview of “Intuitive Eating!”

This module will be brand new for some of you, a reminder for others, and in-between for most.

If you’ve had previous experience with intuitive eating, I would say that the majority of you have been on (or are maybe currently on) the “Intuitive Eating Diet”. AKA – If you have eaten when you weren’t physically hungry or you didn’t stop eating when you were almost full, then you have “failed.”

I recommend everyone read this epic book to truly understand getting out of restriction (dieting):

The Fuck It Diet by Caroline Dooner. – An essential read and delivered so brilliantly with humour and relatablibity.

Loving what is by Byron Katie – And I recommend everyone listen (or read, but preferably listen to this) to this book by Byron Katie to help you to start getting familiar with acceptance until you dive into the body image modules:

I listen to my books using Audible but all of the books that I recommend throughout this program are also available in physical book form or on an online reading platform (such as Kindle), I believe.

The point of this Module is to get you back in touch with your physical hunger cues (so you can loosen the reins on external “food rules”), and ensure you’re feeding yourself filling, satisfying meals (not diet meals) on a regular basis.

Of course, the biggest challenge with Intuitive Eating is the diet-brain’s desire to turn “hunger cues” or “filling meals” into another set of “rules” to follow. For more on this read my blog ‘Why I’m not an intuitive eating coach’ here.

I’ll be talking about this at length in future modules, but for now—do your best to relax and play with Intuitive Eating, approaching this subject with curiosity as you explore what feels good to you physically and emotionally.

There’s nothing to “get right” here, and there’s nothing to fail at. We’re simply learning how to satisfy your body’s needs after years of trying to deprive it.

Lastly, don’t forget that the pursuit of Intuitive Eating is a long-term learning process—and just the beginning (not the end) of the non-diet approach. We’ve got several modules to go just to cover the basics of this program.

After you’ve listened to the core lectures from the modules —don’t forget to check out the “homework” assignments at the bottom of each module.