Food anxiety intro

Welcome to module 6 – Food anxiety & normal eating

Food anxiety is no joke. It can cause severe anxiety around social events due to a number of reasons such as; worrying about potential binges happening, worrying about whether or not you can “control yourself” around the food, stressing about whether or not the food will “fit your macros”, over obsessing about what to choose etc.

I remember many times when I had got all of my “binge foods” out of the house so I felt “safe” and then my boyfriend would bring something home, or someone would kindly buy me some chocolates or whatever… It used to cause me so much anxiety. I just couldn’t escape from it.

When we have diet-related trauma (FYI – each and every one of you will have), we are scared of certain foods. We call these our “trigger” foods or our “binge” foods because we only eat these foods when we are binging, or these foods are what cause us to start a binge.

So how do we work through our food anxiety? Allowance and exposure therapy and a whole lot of self compassion…