Fatphobia intro

Welcome to Module 15 – fatphobia

Module 14 is all about the very real and very troubling problem of weight discrimination in our world. The cultural mandate that “thin is good” and “fat is bad” is at the very root of your entire food problem, and it’s critical that we understand and challenge weight discrimination—so that we can make informed and empowered choices about how to manage oppressive people, ideologies, and belief systems when they arise.

Most of this module will reference and centre on the experiences of fat women (that is, plus-sized women), but make no mistake, it is that very discrimination towards fat women that ultimately keeps all women in a constant state of fear around their weight.

To be clear, this module is important for everyone to understand. Even if you don’t fit under the plus size umbrella. If you weren’t afraid of fat and what that means in society today, then you wouldn’t be reading this now…