Control, Dieting & Body Image intro

Welcome to module 7 Control, Dieting & Body Image

In many ways, this module was the hardest for me to write, because it’s the area of my coaching that changes the most from client to client.

The main ideas I want you to take away from this module are understanding how your body image is linked to other emotional ups and downs in your life…ups and downs that don’t necessarily have anything to do with weight itself.

Underlying fears that we attach to weight—that are not actually directly attached to the states of fatness/thinness—are often primary drivers of negative body image for those struggling with “food issues,” and this module is about exploring and finding alternative ways of dealing with those fears, which will be quite a personal and a different process for each of you.

Also, as a heads up—in this module, I discuss the role of “spirituality” as a tool for overcoming our underlying fears in general. I give a pretty broad/inclusive/non-theistic definition of spirituality in my lecture, but feel free to play around with that word in whatever way works for you.

As a side note – I am very spiritual but I don’t want to push my beliefs onto anyone so feel free to ask me to go deeper into this concept during calls! 💃🏼 🌠

This module is really just a starting point for discussing the connection between our emotional lives, our body image, our relationship with control, and alternative ways of dealing with fear.

I expect that different parts of this module will resonate (or not resonate) with you all in different ways.