Chapter 9: Intuitive eating 101

Always invitations – never rules…

Throughout this programme, I will be suggesting intuitive eating principles such as mindful eating and tuning into your body’s hunger and fullness cues etc. Now, these principles are ALWAYS and ONLY an invitation for you, NOT a rule. Many of you (like myself) will have an extreme aversion to being told what to do due to all of the many diet rules you’ve set for yourself previously. The most natural (and safest) thing for you to do is to automatically and immediately rebel against anything that you sense as a “rule”. Even something that you know may be beneficial to you.

Therefore as you go through these modules, invite yourself to try out these principles and see how they feel. If they don’t feel great, drop them. The most important thing that this whole programme is pointing you to is to feel relaxed around food No. Matter. What. If the hunger scale feels too “ruley” or restrictive, drop it. My goal for each and every one of you is to have eating simply be easy and stress-free (as this graphic pictured a few modules back).


1. Welcome & introduction:

2. Intuitive eating:

3. Mindful eating:

4. Intuitive movement:

5. Legalisation:

6. Meal hunger:

7. Anorexia recovery and intuitive eating

All downloads/worksheets

Rewire restriction worksheet – this is primarily aimed at severe restriction but is still absolutely worth taking the time to go through if you don’t identify as that… because binge eating is also a restrictive eating disorder

Let go of black or white thinking there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods

Intuitive eating

Hunger scale

Mindful eating

Why scales make you binge eat

Destroy your scale

Embrace progress, not perfection

Suggested reading/listening/watching

Why intuitive eating alone won’t heal your relationship with food

Podcast interview with Elena Kunicki – the Intuitive Eating Queen!

What does intuitive eating even mean?

Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family by Ellyn Satter 

Before & after intuitive eating documentary 👇🏽

Figuring out Intuitive Eating – Video by Stephanie Buttermore 👇🏽

Some of you have shared that you get triggered by Stephanie due to her recovered body (and her “in-between body) being the “ideal body in society”… I fully understand and I used to feel triggered by her too. However, just notice what comes up for you as you watch and know that the reason I share her videos is because she shares valuable information that will serve you well during this work, (and if you feel triggered, we can talk about this in the group as it’s a great invitation for growth and body image work.)