Chapter 7: Your food, body & self-love vision

Your self-love vision & food & body freedom desires

This epic programme to enable you to be living in food freedom and bursting with self-love is way more than just becoming free from the food and body prison you’re in.

I PROMISE you we are getting to the actual “food” part very soon but first, we need to set your vision. Most people struggle to manifest their dream life because they lack clarity and are misaligned to their goals.

It’s so important to have a consistent practice around your true vision, including the food freedom, body love, lifestyle, relationships, self, business, purpose, etc that you desire.

If you’re not 100% clear on what you want yet, just start with what you are clear on. Then continue to take inspired action – the clarity comes from action!

In this workbook and journaling session, you’ll be diving into your big picture of your food freedom and body love Vision.

This gets to be super fun!

What life would you create and live if you knew it was all possible and available for you??

I encourage you to write your reality and state your desires as DONE, and do this practice often – a few times a week is great!

You can also record yourself speaking your dream day, and listen to it to further align with this!

Remember, you can’t outdream the universe! So ask for what you want!


Your vision workbook

Cost & gain worksheet