Chapter 20: Health beyond diet mentality

Journalling questions:

What does healthy mean to you?

What would a healthy lifestyle look like to YOU?


Healthy without dieting


Motivation vs inspiration

Health Biomarkers

Health Bio-markers

You can even mark yourself out of 10 (with 10 being you’re happy with and no need for improvement) for each one so you can see clearly where you might like to work towards improving. For some, you will need to get a test or measurement done so you can see where you’re at.

How you FEEL

Your energy


Blood sugar management

Metabolic rate

Digestion (aka how well are you pooping / any excess bloating / constipation etc)

Blood pressure

Omega 6-3 ratio

Pain-free body/joints

Low-stress levels (a 10 would be zen AF)

Immune system (how often are you sick)

Balanced hormones


To improve your health biomarkers, I advise researching how to do so for each one but ignoring anything that refers to losing weight. This is where I believe the world is going wrong! When we make “weight” the “problem” – we become ashamed, and fatphobic (as a culture) and then we wonder why the world’s statistics are ever-increasing in anxiety, body image disorders, mental health issues and eating disorders.


No change ever comes from shame…!

For example, if a larger-bodied person went to the doctor with prediabetes, most likely the doctor would advise them to lose weight before giving any other treatment. But what if, instead of the person walking away with shame, embarrassment and like it’s “all their fault”, what do you think would happen if the person challenged the doctor and asked;

“If I walked in here with the same problem, yet I was within the “correct” BMI range (reframe BMI = bullshit – misunderstood – information 😆) what treatment would you prescribe me?”

⬆️ I guarantee it would be something like:

  • Be more active in general
  • work on improving your cardiovascular health
  • Manage your blood sugar (eg- eat proteins and fats with carbohydrates)
  • Stop smoking
  • Etc

By the person focusing on the above instead of “needing to lose weight” – I guarantee you, the health benefits (including mental wellbeing and self-esteem) will be much, much greater and more sustainable. 🙃

Dr Asher is an incredible resource for healing medical conditions without dieting. Definitely check out her website here. She also offers paid videos (10 pounds on average per video) about how to heal each condition – eg: fatty liver, diabetes etc – without dieting.

I’ve added in these great graphics from @intuitve.eating.ireland


How to pick healthy habits instead of restrictions

Healthy habit weekly chart 

Eat the rainbow

Are you restricting by mistake?

Becoming healthy is a marathon, not a sprint 

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