Chapter 19: Health at every size

I’d love to start this module with a post that I wrote about HAES:

When we say things like “over-weight” we are stating that there is a set figure and when we go over that weight figure, it’s “not ok.” We are then labelled OVER-WEIGHT.

What does that even mean???!!! 

What is that number actually representing…?



Social status?


You could have fooled me but I can’t see (or haven’t found proven research on) how much someone weighs can represent any of those… yes, even health!

Take me, for example, I’m 5 foot 3 and weigh around 11.7 stone – 75kg. 

My BMI is therefore 28.5 which puts me in the overweight category and almost in the obesity category… which starts at 30.

For me to be in the middle of a “healthy” BMI, I’d weigh 9 stone – 62kg. When I WAS 9 stone several years ago, I had an eating disorder, I was so lean that my ass hurt when I sat on hard surfaces because of my boney bum! I could see every rib and my periods had stopped…far from “healthy” right?

I’m healthy! And most importantly, I’m HAPPY and I FEEL GREAT!

I also eat what I want when I want in any quantities I want! Yes, food freedom AND health are possible my friends! 

The point of this post is to express my concern about using the word “over-weight.” 

When we are told we are overweight, we feel ashamed, disgusted with ourselves, embarrassed and like we need to do something about it straight away… which then leads to dieting and then binge/emotional eating.

We lose 20 lbs and gain 25. And so then the weight cycling continues… which DOES have a negative impact on health. Not to mention the damage that stress, shame and self-flagellation have on our mental, emotional and physical health…

Health is invisible from the outside (except the “glow” you may experience when feeling great) – we can’t know how healthy someone is purely from looking at their body size!

It’s also worth noting that you can be UNDERWEIGHT at ANY size… Your body may naturally feel best at a weight over the “normal” BMI range (Bullshit Misunderstood Information) which is perfect for YOU. Put another way; if you’re not eating fully unrestricted and freely (if you’re still micro dieting), then you will most likely be underweight. Don’t panic. Trust your body knows what she’s doing.


Introduction to health at every size

The power of crowding

Give your body a voice

Reminder – enjoy your meals!

Kitchen clear out



Introduction to health at every size

The power of crowding

Give your body a voice

Enjoy satisfying meals

Kitchen clear out

How to heal your relationship with exercise

Read and complete my stories worksheet – game-changer!

Suggested reading/listening/watching

What is health at every size?

What is the difference between dieting and healthy behaviours? (And why does it matter so much?)

Is sugar addiction a thing?

Definitely check out Linda Bacon’s (now Lindo) free video series where she discusses the impacts of social oppression on health… VERY insightful.

You may also want to check out this amazing educational video about the flaws and dangers of “size-normative” health care. This means that the health care system operates around the *lie* that all bodies should be roughly the same size.

Hint: Bodies are *not* all supposed to be the same size—it’s time we swapped out “size-normative” healthcare for “size-inclusive” healthcare, which accepts and acknowledges that all bodies are different, and treats people as individuals.

For more specific information about Health At Every Size & Weight Setpoint Theory, check out either Body Respect by Linda Bacon or the first 100 pages of Health At Every Size.

Health At Every Size goes into very clear science about why purposeful attempts at weight loss (or attempts at weight “control”) almost always fail, and how the assumption that fatness creates poor health is simply untrue.

Health at every size resources links <— some of the data is linked to how the USA handles fat phobia but it is a worldwide ‘problem’.