Chapter 1: Welcome & set your intention

Welcome Queen, here’s how to get started…


Welcome, Queen!

Welcome – anorexia recovery

I’m deeply honoured that you’ve chosen this journey in Body Love Binge to revolutionize your mindset, change your food and body story and live a life fuelled by freedom and exponential prosperity. 

Your life as you know it has changed for good. 

Kickstart your journey in The Body Love Binge by setting a powerful intention and commitment for what you desire to heal and create during our time together.

Grab your journal and use these journal prompts to guide you:

“My intention for being in The Body Love Binge is________________.     I fully commit to this process. I’m ready to heal my relationship with food and my body and to fall madly in love with myself NOW. Thank you!”

Then dive deeper:

Why is the time NOW for you to change your food and body story?

What are you DONE with, that you’re ready to change?

What do you DESIRE + DECLARE to heal, change and create with your relationship to food and the way you see your body, but also your life? Think BIG Queen! When we let go of all the obsessive thoughts about food and our body, we have SO much more headspace to do so much more with our lives!

Come and share this in the comments below or in our private support group if you desire!

What to expect

Everyone’s personal experience is exactly that – personal – but having been through this myself and having supported hundreds of other women through this journey too, I created a document of the different stages of recovery from diet and body trauma that you may very likely experience.

Read through it now and anytime throughout your journey when you might need a reminder that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. You can put your full trust in me and the process – I got you!

The image below shows the typical stages of recovery from the diet-binge cycle. Everyone is different and depending on how long you’ve been dieting (and bingeing) may have an influence on how long you stay in the rebellious honeymoon stage of eating.

For me personally (although I didn’t have myself as my coach 😉) I was in stage 1 for about 2/3 months. I wasn’t aware of the mental restriction aspect of recovery- which is huge– and so I was constantly wishing that I wasn’t eating about 900g of chocolate every day (no shit!) which just perpetuated the cycle (mentally).

When you get to stage 3 which I like to call “Intuition Eating”, eating is easy and effortless. Of course, you’ll put some thought into what you want to eat but that will be due to practical reasons and genuinely wanting to ensure your body is getting the nourishment it needs. That’s it. They’ll be no overthinking or analysing whether you’re “too full” or have had “too much sugar” etc, your eating will be as effortless as breathing.

Stages of body love


Diet letter

Stages of recovery

Track your progress

Keep note of your scores for the following so that you can refer back to them at the end to see how far you’ve come!

Body image questionnaire

Eating questionnaire

Find out your binge-eating score here

Mark the following life areas out of 10 so that you can track your progress through the program! (with 10 being amazing/happy with it – put a score next to each one.)

Food freedom (How free do you currently feel around food? Are you consumed with food thoughts? Do you constantly judge your food choices?)

Body Acceptance (you may not ‘like’ the way you look, but you accept yourself for where you’re at – you’ve stopped fighting with yourself.)

Body Confidence (you wear what you want to wear & know that you can feel confident regardless of what your body looks like.)

Personal Growth (reading, bettering yourself etc – THIS programme is personal growth 🙂 )

Spirituality(you don’t have to be spiritual, this score is how happy you are with how spiritual you are)

Self-Love (how much do you love yourself with no conditions – unconditional love, can you love yourself even if you don’t look a certain way or have achieved something?)

Relationships (how happy are you with your close relationships – partner – family – friends?)

Me Time (how much time do you spend taking care of YOU, taking time out for yourself – self-care)

Self-Worth (how worthy do you feel of receiving everything you desire & not feeling bad about it if you got it tomorrow?)

Fitness & Health

General happiness

Don’t worry about your scores because the lower your score, the more room for improvement!

So get excited about your transformation, I’m excited for you! Take the pressure off yourself, trust the process, follow everything you learn in this programme and be active in our private group to be supported through any blocks!

Listen to the below podcast & then do my ladder exercise worksheet

Let’s get straight to it and have you choose right now to step fully through the food freedom door instead of possibly having one foot in and one foot out (I know I did that for a long time but when I fully committed and was devoted to this journey it was SO much easier.)

Listen to THIS podcast on “the ladder” and then do this attached ladder worksheet.

This was a game-changer of an exercise for me and I know it will help you to gain full clarity of where you are and what you ultimately want.