Body Image intro

Welcome to Module 8 – Body acceptance.

The body image section of this program starts here

And, I have to say, this is by far the most challenging module in the program.

These modules will challenge major assumptions you’ve likely been working under your entire life—assumptions that fuel your entire “food problem,” and are accurately regarded as fact by mainstream society.

It’s also somewhat culturally challenging, and it’s totally normal not to “get” this one right away.

If confusion, resistance, fear, disbelief, or other challenging emotions come up along the way, don’t worry, that’s normal. 🙏🏽

I can’t stress enough that reviewing the extra homework resources I recommend throughout these modules is critical for understanding this module!

Also, just in case you need to read this and this again, here it is beautiful…😉

Stages of recovery document

Suggested Listening & Reading 👇🏼

And listen to this episode of “Wobble” to get you all fired up to start accepting your body

100 Powerful Body Positive Affirmations for Loving Your Body