Chapter 3: Commit to a non-negotiable practice

As you journey through Body Love Binge you are building a new relationship with food, your body, AND yourself. There will be lots of action steps, tools and mindset shifts to implement along the way but from this moment on, I would like you to commit to one thing that you do every single day […]

Chapter 2: Join the support group

For those of you trying out the “taste test” If you haven’t yet taken the step and invested in yourself to join The Body Love Buffet and you’re currently taking advantage of the taste test, then I deeply encourage you to join my free support group so you can be supported as you start your […]

Chapter 1: Welcome & set your intention

Welcome Queen, here’s how to get started… Audio Welcome Queen! Welcome – anorexia recovery I’m deeply honoured that you’ve chosen this journey in Body Love Binge to revolutionize your mindset, change your food and body story and live a life fuelled by freedom and exponential prosperity.  Your life as you know it has changed for […]