Chapter 11: Food anxiety

Anyone who goes on a strict diet has a list of foods they fear. These fears turn into inflexible diet rules that force you to avoid these foods at all costs. And if you break one of these diet rules, then things tend to spiral out of control, leaving you to binge on the very […]

Food anxiety intro

Welcome to module 6 – Food anxiety & normal eating Food anxiety is no joke. It can cause severe anxiety around social events due to a number of reasons such as; worrying about potential binges happening, worrying about whether or not you can “control yourself” around the food, stressing about whether or not the food […]

Chapter 18: Binge eating

Audios Physical deprivation Emotional deprivation Language and self judgment   Intuitive eating and medical restrictions What to do after a ‘binge’  Diet mentality and reactionary eating  Downloads/worksheets Binge eating Be aware of the don’t binge diet Quick note on language What does normal eating even mean? When eating whatever you want isn’t working Intuitive eating with […]

Binge Eating intro

Welcome to Module 12 – I’m talking about binge eating. While practising Intuitive Eating (that is, making sure we eat what our bodies physically need) is a critical first step in overcoming the diet-binge cycle, you’ll learn in this module why physical allowance alone is not enough to heal your relationship with food permanently.  Binge-eating […]