Regular Eating intro

Welcome to Module 5 – Regular Eating As stated in the audio “meal hunger” in the Intuitive Eating module, it is extremely helpful to eat regularly, especially when building trust with your body again. This module isn’t about setting you any “food rules” of regular eating, it is more about stating the importance of offering […]

Chapter 10: Regular eating

Regular eating I’d like to start off by sharing a post I wrote about feeling full as I think it may be very relevant to some of you: “Getting comfortable with feeling full is a requirement for recovery from disordered eating. If you’ve been dieting for a long time (+ most likely binge eating), you’ll […]

Chapter 12: Striving to eat ‘normally’ again

How Can I Eat Normally Again? Many people who have gone on and off different restrictive diets wonder whether they will be able to eat “normally” again.  Exploring this concept of normal eating and being able to understand what it looks like is necessary for helping you to develop some short- and long-term goals around […]