Intuitive Eating intro

Welcome to Module 4 – My introductory overview of “Intuitive Eating!” This module will be brand new for some of you, a reminder for others, and in-between for most. If you’ve had previous experience with intuitive eating, I would say that the majority of you have been on (or are maybe currently on) the “Intuitive […]

Chapter 12: Striving to eat ‘normally’ again

How Can I Eat Normally Again? Many people who have gone on and off different restrictive diets wonder whether they will be able to eat “normally” again.  Exploring this concept of normal eating and being able to understand what it looks like is necessary for helping you to develop some short- and long-term goals around […]

Chapter 9: Intuitive eating 101

Always invitations – never rules… Throughout this programme, I will be suggesting intuitive eating principles such as mindful eating and tuning into your body’s hunger and fullness cues etc. Now, these principles are ALWAYS and ONLY an invitation for you, NOT a rule. Many of you (like myself) will have an extreme aversion to being […]