Step 2: What is food & body freedom & self-love?

What is food & body freedom & self-love? Understanding the energy and magic of these. It’s so important to understand what self-love & food & body freedom actually is if you are to experience it for yourself! Most of what we’ve been taught about these things is simply not true. This audio training breaks down […]

Step 1: Your food & body blueprint

Your Food & Body Queen journey begins with knowing your personal food & body blueprint! This work is the most important in the whole program. If you desire to create true acceptance and freedom in your life, it starts here with your unique story and awareness of your food and body beliefs and patterns. There […]

Module 1 – Your Story

Welcome to module 1 – Your Story Now that you have been reminded that dieting doesn’t work and low self-confidence and poor body image is what drives the cycle, to begin with, it’s important to dive into your personal story. If you’re anything like I used to be, I assume that you may want to […]