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Daily rituals
Module 1: Welcome & set your intention
Module 2: Understanding why you are where you are
Module 3: Your vision
Module 4: Higher thought formula
Module 5: Intuitive eating - without being on the "hunger & fullness diet"
Module 6: Regular eating - Why regular eating is helpful & what that actually looks like for YOU
Module 7: Food anxiety & normal eating - how to navigate your fear of "binge" foods
Module 8: Inner child connection
Module 9: Control, dieting & body image - Why you're addicted to dieting, what's underneath it all & how to live in total body freedom!
Module 10: Body Acceptance
Module 11: Body Image - The reason why you struggle with food...
Module 12: Values
Module 13: Body Confidence
Module 14: Beliefs
Module 15: Emotional eating - Going for a walk instead of eating chocolate doesn't "work" ... learn what to do instead!
Module 16: Interpretations/stories
Module 17: Binge eating - The ONLY reason why you binge eat & EXACTLY what to do about it
Module 18: Coping with weight gain
Module 19: Health at every size - You CAN be healthy AND live in total food & body freedom! Here's how...
Module 20: Creating a healthy lifestyle - How to progress with your health goals without "falling off the wagon"
Module 21: Fatphobia - The world is scared of fatness so let's talk about it & how to navigate it in real life
Module 22: Your future
Module 23: The work of Byron Katie
Module 24: Suggested reading, watching and listening